Klaus Thrane is a graduate in architecture from the Oslo School of Architecture in 1978, and has since 1979 mainly worked with
design and construction of exhibition stands and industrial presentations for Norwegian and international companies, in and outside of Norway, for the following employers:

1979 – 1982 – project manager in Expo-Nor AS

1982 – 1985 – 30% partner and project manager in BG&T AS

1985 – 1988 – 30% partner in BG&T-Group AS and general manager in Expology AS

1988 – today – majority stockholder and general manager in Klaus Thrane AS

Nord-Odal – a central location in the Norwegian exhibition community:

In 1992 KTAS started production of exhibition stands at Granerud Industriområde in Nord-Odal. In 1995 we built our own warehouse and production facilities totaling 1500 sqm in the same location, and in 1998 we moved our activities (and ourselves) from Oslo to Austvatn (office and home) and Granerud (storage and production).

In our warehouse we have 25 years worth of accumulated exhibition equipment, props, furniture, lighting equipment, technical systems, catering equipment, decorations and building systems. We also have storage and wholesale of exhibition carpets and fabrics from our own import activities, as well as retailing of plywood, tape and other exhibition consumables.

We are situated in the centre of the exhibition venues in the south-eastern part of Norway, equally close to Norges Varemesse at Lillestrøm, Expo-Rama at Hellerudsletta, Vikingskipet in Hamar, 45 km from Gardermoen (Oslo) Airport, and 70 minutes drive from Oslo city centre.

Why Nord-Odal?

This is a question that is often raised by colleagues and clients. Our first decision to move manufacturing to Nord-Odal was based
on the quality of labour in this area.

Most people in the area have grown up in close proximity to farming and forestry, and with solid roots in the building trade. A high percentage of the population spend their working lives as craftsmen on construction sites in Oslo and other nearby communities.
This has resulted in general purpose knowledge and competence which is very useful in our exhibition work. Our builders excel in carpentry, painting, welding, system assembly, machine repair, electrics and plumbing and whatever else is needed. IT-systems
or AV-setups represent no problems. They take pride in their abilities, and it shows in the result.

The most important benefit of our move has come to us gradually. This is a good place to be! After 45 years of high-speed living
in Oslo, we have come to the conclusion that happiness is essential to being able to do a good job and have a decent life. Here we
live in close community with lakes and forests and friendly and caring neighbours, free of noise and pollution, but with the occasional problem with deer and moose ravaging our garden during the winter. Creativity flourishes in such conditions, and this is the basis
of existence for both us and our customers. Several clients now prefer to have their meetings with us here rather than in Oslo.